Cooking Academy

Our Cooking Academy is unlike many other schools thanks to its position in the open countryside, where you can live in contact with the aromas and seasonal rhythms of the land.

A “true” experience where some ingredients are harvested the day of the lesson, straight from the garden. A return to the origins and to the Tuscan farming culture where the genuineness of the food was fundamental for healthy living.

The week-long courses teach all the steps necessary for preparing a meal, from the choice of the ingredients to the presentation of the final dish. After a short presentation of the theory, the course members learn to cook, above all thanks to the hands-on work in the large fully-equipped kitchen.

Every morning a complete menu from starters to the dessert will be prepared under the expert guidance of the Chef Carmine who will teach all the steps necessary for preparing tasty recipes with his inborn passion.

The atmosphere in the Academy is convivial so that you can learn such an important art in everybody’s life in a joyful way.
And after the lesson… lunch together with the dishes prepared during the lesson!

All lessons are held in Italian, English and Japanese.

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