We have selected the activities so that the guests can enjoy unforgettable experiences in the simple and beauty of the nature and of the florentine countryside.
Each activity is guaranteed in italian, english and japanese for a minimum of 2 people

Cooking lessons

Chef Carmine will teach you how to prepare a complete 4 courses meal, from the starter to the dessert. The activity starts with the picking in the green garden of the Villa and end with lunch, with dishes prepared during the course.

Preserves or jams

Chef Carmine will teach you how to prepare tomato puree or tasty jams. The activity starts with fruits picking from the trees or with tomato picking from the garden. At the end of activity, each participant will have his own jam or preserve.

Olive harvest

Includes the olive harvest from trees from the olive groves of the Villa followed by an olive oil tasting course.
Upon request, it is possible to add the visit of a local oil mill
* only in November

Honey and bees

he art of making honey: extraction and processing of honey
With a professionist you will discover bees world and their sweet nectar. At the end of the activity, you will have you own honey.
* only in August

Wild asparagus picking

Walk in the wood surrounding the Villa to pick wild asparagus. After walk, return at the Villa to have a snak with asparagus picked (1 plate).

Artichokes collection

With Cef Carmine you will pick artichokes in the garden and you will prepare the greedy little artichokes in olive oil.
At the end of the activity you will have you own artichokes jar.